The 9 Best Local Coffee Shops in Dallas

Let’s all agree: life is too short to drink bad coffee. One of my favorite weekly traditions pre-pandemic was going to different local coffee shops in Dallas to work. On Saturday or Sunday mornings (more like afternoons, knowing me!), I’d…

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I’m Speaking.

Four years ago today, I wrote this post with my thoughts on the 2016 election. That day, I was profoundly disappointed in my country. I was outraged that we had elected a man who promoted division in our union. A…

How I Keep My Dyed Red Hair Vibrant

This post actually should be called “how I keep my dyed red hair vibrant and AS ARIEL-LOOKING AS POSSIBLE” because tbh that’s my true goal these days. I want mermaid-length hair. Complete with the vibrant red hue. And obviously Ariel’s…