R+D Kitchen

r+d burger

R+D Kitchen, located in Preston Center, is home to one of the best burgers I’ve had since moving to Dallas. During my [previously mentioned] friend Blaire’s quick trip to Dallas, Blaire, our friend Sarah, and I went for a late leisurely lunch at R+D Kitchen per Sarah’s suggestion.

Its proximity to Sprinkles Cupcakes may have had something to do with it, between you and me.

Immediately upon our arrival at the restaurant, Blaire proclaimed that she wanted a ginormous Cheeseburger. As she was having one of her particularly genius days, I decided to follow suit (minus the cheese though).

May I say: when Blaire is having a genius day, she is havinggenius day. (hi, Blaire!)

This burger – though a bit too big for my liking – was delectable. If you’re familiar with Hopdoddy‘s, R+D Kitchen‘s burger was basically at that level. Like I said: it was delectable. Blaire was having a genius day.

And then she ordered R+D Kitchen‘s Hand-cut Fries and I just about fainted of joy. But I didn’t. I just ordered another basket of fries instead.

r+d sushi

A great part about R+D Kitchen is that it doesn’t only serve diner classics like omelettes, burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs… it also has a pretty good sushi menu. After Blaire and Sarah enjoyed the ham biscuits (apparently the biscuits are deadly delicious, I sat the dish out due to the inclusion of the ham), Sarah had the California Roll and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next on my list to try at R+D Kitchen are their Asian Chicken & Noodle Salad, Spinach & Cheese Omelette, Deviled Eggs, Veggie Burger, and Chicken Meatballs.  In particular, I’ve heard that the Deviled Eggs and the Veggie burger are ah-may-zing.

My only real criticism is that R+D Kitchen‘s water glasses are quite small. The waitstaff kept a good eye on them and the glasses were half-full more often than half-empty, but I was concerned the entire time about drinking my whole glass too quickly and being water-less for any length of time (I get concerned about weird things, apparently). Aside from that, it was a very pleasurable lunching experience!

R+D Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, and is located in Preston Center, in University Park.

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