Saint Ann

saint anne drink

A few weeks back, the Wine Wednesday girls and I went for [dinner and] drinks at Saint Ann. The restaurant, located just between Uptown and the Victory Park area, has Ladies’ Night every Wednesday, 4:00PM-8:00PM. Saint Ann‘s Ladies’ Night deals include $5 house cocktails (they’re strong!) and $5 flatbreads. So you can guess on what we girls went to town.

To begin, we ordered a round of cocktails. I had the Skinny Basil Lemonade (under 100 Calories… what!), while my friends ordered the Skinny Vida, the Teacher’s Pet, the Skinny Spiced Mojito, and the Mexico City Mule. The general conclusion on the drinks was that they were delicious, but very, very, very strong. Yes, that needed 3 “very”s to communicate how strong the drinks were.

But they were seriously delicious and I want Saint Ann‘s recipes for all of their drinks because they were magical (and skinny!).

saint anne cheese

For our food that night, we decided to begin by chowing down on the Charcuterie and Cheese Board and the Hummus. I particularly liked the Charcuterie and Cheese Board (I didn’t really care for the Hummus as much). Some of the cheeses on the board were freaking awesome. And by some, I mean all. They were all freaking awesome. I really appreciated Saint Ann‘s inclusion of a fig spread (pictured above the pâté on the lefthand side of the board). That spread went marvelously with all of the cheese (and quite well alone).

As my entree, I enjoyed the Grilled Salmon, served with roasted cauliflower and baby carrots. This may be the two very strong cocktails I’d had by this point in the evening talking, but I seem to recall the salmon being awesome.

While I enjoyed the salmon, my friends chowed down on the Crab Cakes, Ceviche, Truffle Fries, and more Hummus. Nobody had any complaints, so I’m assuming they enjoyed their meals as much as I did. Or they enjoyed their drinks as much as I did.

Same difference.

Saint Ann‘s is open for brunch, lunch, dinner, and even afternoon snacks (or tea time…minus the tea) on weekends. The bar is open till 2:00AM, Thursday-Saturday nights… I’d definitely suggest going for a cocktail or two next weekend!

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