Lockhart Smokehouse

lockhart smokehouse1

Yum, yum, yum yum yum!

As a true Texas girl, I have a deep and complete love of BBQ. In Austin, there are three of my personal favorites – Rudy’s, Franklin’s, and Salt Lick – but I hadn’t found a delicious BBQ place in Dallas. Yet.

That all changed last weekend.

My dear friend from college, Kristina, came to visit for a long weekend last weekend. It wasn’t only her first time in Dallas: it was her first time in TEXAS! Can you believe? So in between shopping adventures and museum excursions, we decided that we had to take Kristina for her very first authentic Texas BBQ experience. Where’d I choose to take her?

Lockhart Smokehouse.

Located in the positively-adorable Bishop Arts District, Lockhart Smokehouse is home to the “no forks, no sauce” motto (both portions of which I definitely broke…whoops).

lockhart smokehouse3

Okay, doesn’t that look awesome?

Kristina and I each ordered the half-pound of brisket (which would have been enough for us to share. Truly). We also split an order of the baked beans and the regular cole slaw, as well as a few pieces of bread (because I love making sandwiches out of the BBQ), some pickles, and a hefty portion of BBQ sauce. And good lord, was it good!

For good BBQ, you don’t need plates – paper is more than good enough! You don’t really need forks – you have your hands! For good BBQ, you need, well, good BBQ. And Lockhart Smokehouse delivers that. And more. After such a delicious meal, I’m honestly considering stopping by Lockhart Smokehouse every few weeks to load up on meat for lunch and salads (ingenious idea, I know).

Lockhart Smokehouse has two locations in the Dallas area – one in Bishop Arts and one in Plano – and is open daily, 11:00AM until they run out of meat. Unpredictable? Maybe. Authentic? Totally. Awesome and delicious? Absolutely yes.