Full Circle Tavern

Have you ever been to Full Circle Tavern?

Located on South Lamar in the South Side district of Dallas, Full Circle Tavern is home to some awesome decor, killer Moscow Mules (shown above!), and great tunes.

My friend Stephanie invited me to join her last week for Full Circle Tavern‘s 1 year anniversary party. As it was my first time visiting the establishment, I had no idea what to expect (or if I’d be fed). I am glad to say that I was really impressed by how cool the restaurant / bar was, how relaxed and chatty all of the employees were (I felt like I was at Cheers), and by how delicious the food was (and that there was food).

And did I mention the Moscow Mules? I’m currently going through a Mules kick and Full Circle Tavern‘s offering was pretty stinking wonderful. I was with a few other bloggers from Dallas, and the head chef of Full Circle Tavern, Jennifer Bonner, sat down with us and told us about each dish and more about the restaurant. Jennifer grew up in the Midwest, so the first thing she suggested we try were her authentic Midwestern-style cheese curds (above… sorry for the awful picture, my camera was on the fritz that evening).

Served with their homemade marinara dipping sauce, Full Circle Tavern‘s cheese curds are lightly battered… and heavily delicious! If you’re wondering what cheese curds are, they’re basically like fried mozzarella sticks, but much, much better. I took my camera out to take the picture the moment the dish was set on the table, and you can see how few remain (you have to be lightning fast!).

Next, Jennifer brought out some sliders (miniature versions of the house sandwiches and burgers)  for us to taste.

Oh, holy moly.

First, we tried the Meatball Sub (above). Italian meatballs with provolone cheese, doused in marinara sauce, all on a garlic roll. And they. were. good.

I actually took the meatball out of the bread (trying to be somewhat healthy here!), and it was even delicious on its own (though my friend Stephanie said it was much better the way it originally came). The only thing missing from this dish is a heaping pile of fries – yum!

Now this was a unique sandwich.

The next dish we tried was Full Circle Tavern‘s Oktoberfest. Beef sausage with sauerkraut, jalapeno relish, and a dijon spread on a soft pretzel roll. Since she’s a vegetarian, Oh Hey Dallas and I split one – she ate the pretzel roll, I ate the innards. She said the roll was delicious, I can honestly report that the innards were unbeatable.

Truly a unique sandwich not to be missed next time you’re at Full Circle Tavern!

After the event was over, my friend Stephanie and I went next door to the NYLO Hotel. We climbed to the top and took in the best view of the city… while dipping our tired little toes in the cool water. Best way to end a Thursday!

All in all, it was a very fun little evening – and now I have a great new favorite to add to my restaurant list!

Full Circle Tavern is open Tuesdays through Thursdays, 11:00AM till 10:00PM, Fridays and Saturdays, 11:00AM till midnight, and Sundays, 11:00AM till 4:00PM. They have a great selection of beer as well as some kickin’ cocktails. I would definitely suggest stopping by next time you find yourself in the South Side!

a big thank you to Full Circle Tavern for sponsoring this post. all opinions are my own.