#19: D-I-Y and Revitalize an Old Piece of Furniture

A few weeks ago, I decided to complete #19 of my #25before25 list. And then some. I redid / repainted not one but two pieces of furniture in my apartment. Like many grown-up sorority girls, I’m pretty crafty (just ask my “littles”!) and completely at home in a Hobby Lobby or Michaels store. However, this undertaking required a trip to alien territory: Home Depot (such an overwhelming place).

Oh, and no puffy paint. Sad, I know.

The first item I decided to revamp was my bar cart. My mom bought me the bar cart when I first moved into my very first big-girl post-grad apartment in Austin, back in the summer of 2012. Though the bones of the bar cart were totally awesome, I have to admit that the rustic-ness definitely wasn’t this prepster’s style. So, away with the natural wood and dark metal work, in which the white background and 3D pop of one of my favorite colors: gold.

(“I love goldddddd” – 10 points to whomever can guess that movie!)


DIY bar cart 1 DIY bar cart 2


DSC00147 DSC00152Glassware: Vintage Culver glasses, found on eBay
“500 Cocktails” Book: Amazon
“Occasions” Book: Kate Spade New York
“Style” Book: Kate Spade New York
“Manners” Book: Kate Spade New York
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: Gift
Cocktail Shaker: Bed Bath and BeyondVase: Gift (I collect wine corks!)
“I’m so happy it’s happy hour” Cocktail Napkins: Gift
Yoda Keychain: Gift
Storage Boxes: Kate Spade New York (how do you use your shoe boxes?)

The second item I DIY-ed (sorry… that makes 0 sense grammatically… but you know what I mean!) was my coffee table. Another gift from my parents – this time a hand-me-down – my coffee table had previously been in my parents’ house for a bunch of years before coming into my possession. It had seen the wear-and-tear of two teenage girls (and their friends), who each had a serious aversion to the word “coaster” (as well as the implied item’s use).

Though I loved the gorgeous dark wood of the coffee table, it made my bright-and-happy living room so much darker. Totally cramped my style, dude. So, add a few fresh coats of white paint and voila: a bright and happy coffee table for a bright and happy room!


DIY table 2


DSC00141 DSC00143 DSC00145 DSC00146
Great Houses of the South: Amazon
Once Upon A Time: Amazon
Gold Patterned Cocktail Napkins: C.Wonder, old
Laptop Case: Juicy Couture, old
Rectangular Tray: Gift
“Whino” Cocktail Napkins: August Morgan by Kate Hersch
Candle: Kaison
Wooden Bowls: Foreign Find (bought them in Tanzania!)
Coaster: Fleur de Stone
Remote Control Tray: Gift

All in all, I’d say that both projects were a success. I love how much brighter my entryway and living room both look now! I’m already trying to think of the next piece I want to redo… perhaps my boring / not-at-all-colorful outdoor patio set? Hmmm….

Have you ever completed a DIY project or revitalized an old piece of furniture? How did your project turn out?