HG menuIt’s about time I wrote about one of my favorite restaurants in the Lower Greenville / Knox-Henderson area of Dallas, don’t you agree?

HG SPLY CO. is one of my favorite go-to restaurants in Dallas for a sit-down meal. All of their foods are locally sourced – their tagline is “getting back to the way we ate before the industry ruined food!” On previous trips to the restaurant (all during lunch), I had chowed on their Greens & Grains Salad (seriously the best salad I’ve had in a very long time), their BBQ Brisket Sliders, and a multitude of variations on their Build-Your-Own Bowls.

So, when a group of my girl friends decided to do our get-together at HG SPLY CO., my thoughts were:

  1. Heck yes!
  2. I need to order something different this time.

HG drink 2 HG LisaSince it wasn’t too hot out (at least not by Texans’ standards), we sat up on the upstairs patio at one of the large first-come-first-serve tables. One by one, we each abandoned thoughts of wine for HG SPLY CO.‘s FROZEN Moscow Mule.

I love Moscow Mules and OHMYGOODNESS making my favorite drink into a slushi is seriously the greatest. idea. ever. It was so good!

HG Burgerstack HG 80.20 HG Pulled Pork HG Kale CaesarWe skipped the appetizers (for once) and went straight for the entrees: I had The Burgerstack (top) while the other girls ate orders of (from the second from top) the 80/20 Burger, the Pulled Pork Sandwich, and the HG Kale Caesar. As to taste, I can really only attest to what I ate: it was absolutely delicious.

The Burgerstack is a grass-fed and wagyu blend beef patty with Texas bibb lettuce and a tomato atop a bed of sweet potato hash… with an avocado and an over-easy egg on top. The beef was cooked to perfection (medium, of course!), and the dish was the perfect size. And for $12, it’s not ridiculously priced at all – very refreshing for a super-trendy, hour-long-wait restaurant, am I right?

The one comment I heard from the peanut gallery was that the HG Kale Caesar was way too small of a portion (even with chicken added) to be eaten as a main course without an accompanying appetizer. Natalie of That Foodie Girl had the dish and later led the charge next door to grab a few pops from Steel City Pops. On the bright side, apparently the dressing was totally delectable!

HG SPLY CO. is located on Lower Greenville (across the street diagonally from Trader Joe’s). Though walk-ins are accepted, I would definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time as there is almost always a wait (yes, they use OpenTable!) – like I said: it’s a super-trendy, hour-long wait kind of place. HG SPLY CO. is open for lunch, dinner, and drinks, Sunday through Thursday, from 11AM until 10PM, as well as Friday and Saturday, 11AM until midnight. Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Have you been to HG SPLY CO. yet? What are your favorite dishes to order there?