DSC00080You know those friends who will go along with it when you challenge them to a lightsaber duel in the middle of Prague?


For the past ten years, my friend Jamaal has been that friend (though we occasionally change it up to imitating James Bond in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas). Jamaal and I met our sophomore year of high school and instantly became the best of friends. And, for the record, we’re both fairly confident that I’ll be the reason he prematurely goes gray.

DSC00078A few weekends ago, Jamaal and I spur-of-the-moment-ly decided to dash to Oddfellows in Bishop Arts for brunch.

The restaurant had been on my list of restaurants to try in Dallas for months… and for a good reason: their brunch was absolutely delicious!

DSC00083 DSC00086Do not miss Oddfellows‘ Scrambled Skillets at brunch. They are soooooo yummy. Like so, so, so yummy. Jamaal had the Bacon & Cheddar Scramble (top) while I wolfed down (no joke, the speed at which I chow is seriously alarming) the Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Scramble… with egg whites… without goat cheese… and with spinach and onion (bottom).

Because apparently I’m just absolutely impossible.

Each Scrambled Skillet is served with flour or corn tortillas – both of which are seriously some of the best tortillas I’ve ever had – and salsa.

Unlike many restaurants these days, Oddfellows actually gives its patrons normal-sized servings of food… so, for once, you won’t walk out of brunch feeling so stuffed you want to be left to die by the side of the road. So that’s good.

DSC00087If you’re a fruit fiend like I am, definitely order the Fruit Cup at Oddfellows. It’s the only exception to my previous comment about Oddfellows‘ concept of portion control. It’s big and beautiful but it’s fruit so it’s fine. In fact, the Fruit Cup is the perfect fruit cup to share: I ate all of the berries while Jamaal dug into the orange and apple slices.

Zero regrets.

Oddfellows is located on 7th Street in the Bishop Arts district of Oak Cliff in Dallas. The restaurant is open on Mondays for only breakfast and lunch, from 7AM until 2PM, and then the rest of the week for every possible meal, from 7AM until 10PM. I would 100% recommend stopping in to Oddfellows next time you find yourself in the Bishop Arts district… or even just lost without a plan for brunch!