Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Image from House of Prince

So I’m pretty sure that I was the absolute last person in America to jump on the Gone Girl caravan, but I finally read the novel about a month ago and I loved it… I think.

Usually, I base my like/dislike of novels around how relatable and likable I find the characters. Noting that I hated just about every character in Gone Girl, I’m just as surprised as you are that I liked the novel (again: I think I liked it?).

In case you’re even more behind the times than I am, Gone Girl is a psychological thriller centered around Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple living in the midwest. The story opens up on the couple’s fifth anniversary, when Nick comes home to find that Amy has disappeared under extremely suspicious-looking circumstances. Between Nick’s general demeanor and a series of clues the investigators happen to find, Nick ends up being painted and condemned as Amy’s abductor and murderer by the entire nation. Which is exactly what was planned.

Gillian Flynn’s story bounces back and forth between being told from Amy’s viewpoint and Nick’s viewpoint. As the story jumps between the two main characters, the plot both thickens and unravels and the reader starts to understand what really happened… particularly, how and why Amy really went missing.

Gone Girl is an engrossing read (and a really good movie, might I add!), and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody who is looking to read a thriller. The story is trippy and not for the faint-hearted (or particularly for young adults), so be warned. Though Gone Girl isn’t much of a “beach read” (or a before-bed read as it gets pretty dang creepy at times), the novel is perfect for a long plane / train / automobile ride or for reading on your next lazy Saturday.