Steel City Pops

DSC00222A few months ago, the most glorious addition to Lower Greenville (in Knox-Henderson) opened: Steel City Pops.

Unsurprisingly I’m sure, Steel City Pops has rapidly become one of my favorite spots in Dallas… especially on a hot day! There’s nothing like dashing into the store in 90ºF heat and grabbing a delicious pop. It might even be my new favorite go-to friend meet-up spot (“let’s grab coffee” is so last year).

DSC00220 DSC00224My favorite pops (out of the ones I’ve sampled thus far) are Strawberry, Vanilla Bean (pictured, top), Strawberries and Cream, Buttermilk,  and Blood Orange (pictured with Lisa, bottom). But seriously: choose any flavor – you can’t go wrong. They update the flavors seasonally, so they’re now offering Butter Pecan, Pumpkin, and Cinnamon Apple for fall.

Since proximity to the store is obviously of super chief importance (and by “to the store” I really mean to the popsicles), you can even order in bulk and take a bunch of pops home at once. I know. Genius.

Steel City Pops is open Sunday through Thursday, noon till 10:00PM, and Friday and Saturday, noon till 11:00PM. The pop shop’s Dallas location can be found on Greenville, at the same corner as Trader Joe’s, HG SPLY CO., and Crisp. I would definitely recommend stopping by the store the next time you find yourself in the Lower Greenville area.