Village to Village Trail

DSC00260 DSC00261As I write this post and look back on my pictures from my trip last week to Colorado, sh*t is hitting the fan outside. Almost literally.

Tornado warnings, 40+mph winds, enough rain to melt Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s pretty crazy… and totally a norm in Texas.

Now onto the subject at hand: the Village to Village Trail, running between the towns of Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch, and Beaver Creek in the Vail Valley.

DSC00269DSC00263 My parents are adorable, aren’t they?

I’ve only ever hiked the trail from Bachelor Gulch to Beaver Creek village, and even I can say that it’s a fairly easy hike.

And by “even I”, I really mean “especially I”: I’m not a hiker. I mean really, really, really not. I usually complain nonstop while hiking and attach myself like a parasite / Yoda impersonator to the back of the nearest strong human / Skywalker impersonator / my dad.

DSC00264DSC00270But really: the trail is almost all beginner level (it goes to intermediate level for less than a mile, no joke). So unless you’re horribly out of shape (no judgement, I fall into that category!), I promise you can hike this trail.

I know this sentence doesn’t really apply in this situation, but it’s so easy, a caveman could do it!

Just think of the light at the end of the tunnel… or, in my family’s case: the food at the end of the tunnel.

What are your favorite hiking and biking paths on Beaver Creek Mountain?