Original Pancake House

DSC00697Last Friday, I had the pleasure of stopping by Original Pancake House‘s Uptown location for lunch with a friend. In case you haven’t met me (or just haven’t been paying attention to this blog), I. Freaking. Love. Pancakes. They’re my guilty pleasure. And the quickest way to my heart. In college, my roommates knew that the olive branch is best served to me in pancake form – I cannot resist them!

I was specifically invited to Original Pancake House to review their Pumpkin Pancakes – a seasonal specialty. Original Pancake House’s Pumpkin Pancakes are made with real pumpkins… which then leads me to the question: who on God’s green earth invented these? And how can I thank them?! Is the name of my firstborn up for grabs? If so, I’m happy to name (or at least nickname) him or her Pumpkin in this dish’s honor. These pancakes sound great, they taste even better… it would be the mistake of the century not to get them if you visit Original Pancake House. Seriously.

DSC00692 DSC00693My agreement with my friend was that if he accompanied me to this unconventional work lunch, we could split the pancakes. I supremely regret that life decision. As my main meal, I ordered Original Pancake House‘s fruit bowl and some egg whites. My friends chose wiser than I did.

My friend had visited Original Pancake House on multiple occasions, so he was wise and experienced enough to order their Eggs Benedict (which he had been talking about for days beforehand). And a side of pancakes (per my insistence).

Original Pancake House’s Eggs Benedict is a traditional Eggs Benedict, two poached eggs served with bacon on an English muffin. Oh, and don’t forget the heaping serving of Hollandaise sauce (not like you could, the dish is like bright yellow).

Original Pancake House has locations all over the country, so check their website for the location nearest you. Their Uptown Dallas location is on Lemmon Avenue and is open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch daily – Monday through Friday, 6:30AM till 2:30PM, and Saturday and Sunday, 7:00AM till 3:00PM. I would definitely recommend stopping by the restaurant to try their Pumpkin Pancakes!

A big thank you to Original Pancake House of Uptown for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.