No. 9 – Learn How to Needlepoint

DSC00734 DSC00737There’s not much to this post other than to say that I accomplished yet another item on my #25before25 list: I successfully taught myself how to needlepoint. As evidenced by this parrot eyeglass holder. Obviously.

November also marked my full month of getting the recommended 8 glasses of water per day… every day. But a post about that would be boring and just have glasses of water so instead I’m focusing on how colorful and fun my parrot turned out.

Super colorful and über fun. Duh.

If you’re looking to teach yourself how to needlepoint, I would definitely recommend buying one of Needlepoint-for-fun‘s kits. They’re all relatively easy to follow and will get you up and rearing to be an expert in no time! I made this parrot, a ballet slipper coaster, and a flamingo coin purse. Next up: pillows. Super, super sassy pillows.

So now the question is: what skill should I pick up next?