Party in Plaid

b9BW3DM9AVBsZ5xzaXeaCLdn3Pt8D7ndejbG5RkbORU VXVfzNUBMsfx-22vkrKtzmuFMDqYNNCHxlLHlN5sVyg dHDmPDuf-bzrR0INfE6SHR72diuTXTrc6V8UbMNA5PA 18hmlIKaSI8OvNwqoZ6ZF_lNTRtzofxt5pR_zEBLTEokPpQ2aNHhZRdoogB38mKqBc3mmcFTSZHG7VnZyV5tiwPmdraPZk24n3MSza_jfMifQTgxBa7d5woIoZJ_JvQGo tDQY-orpIDuwZ1ii2EXJk4RIbDSxP9aM_sBcG80j8bYWhat I’m Wearing:

 Shirt: C.Wonder, old / Skirt: ASOS / Coat: BCBGMAXAZRIA, old / Heels: Ivanka Trump, old / Purse: Coach
Earrings: BaubleBar / Ring: C.Wonder / Pearl Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick / Nail polish: Vinylux “Powder My Nose”

I have a confession to make: this is my favorite skirt. Hands-down. Does it do anything super-duper special for my body to make me look like a gorgeous/sexy beast of a human? Umm… not really. Is it flowy and awesome and colorful and Christmasey and fun and make me feel really happy whenever I wear it? Yes. Resounding, “yes!”.

I wore this outfit to a little holiday party last night. It was perfect for the occasion. Between the Christmasey-feeling plaid and the glittery heels (which rain glitter with every step I take so you can track me down, Hansel and Gretel-style), this outfit is splendid for a holiday celebration or dinner with family and/or friends that lists suggested attire as “festive casual”, “holiday chic”, etc. If my family were to celebrate Christmas, I would totally make my family dress up all cutesy for Christmas dinner… just so I could wear this skirt again this coming week (and maybe sing a few Christmas carols in the process)!

But I’m not… so I’ll likely be rockin my favorite pair of Christmas jammies this Wednesday night as my family inevitably watches our choice of either a James Bond movie or something with Benedict Cumberbatch in it (because obviously). I vote watching The Hobbit or The Imitation Game (obviously my heart lies with the Benedict Cumberbatch option)!

ps: Aren’t these pearly earrings the coolest? Such an interesting new way to wear pearls. I’m totally obsessed (and for under $30, it’s the perfect price for a trendy take on such a classic)!