No. 22 – Donate to a Cause in Which I Believe

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(Fun fact: the fountain in Lincoln Center is my absolute favorite place in all of New York City!)

It’s no secret amongst my friends, family, or really anybody who reads this blog: I love the opera. Going to the opera – whether it is here in Dallas, at home in Austin, on vacation in NYC, or, heck, even in Binghamton, New York – is one of my greatest joys in life. I am constantly trying to bring new friends into the opera fold and introduce people who never thought of themselves as “opera people” to the art form so they can truly decide for themselves.

So, noting all of that, it is probably totally unsurprising that when The Dallas Opera called me last night to ask me for a donation to their music education program in local Dallas schools through which they introduce children to the opera at a young age, my answer was a resounding, “yes!”.

But then they asked for $1,000. I don’t really have a spare $1,000 lying around… I don’t even have a spare $500 lying around. However, I do have the means to fit $50 into my budget. A small contribution, but it’s what I can afford at this time.

I grew up in a household in which giving back to the community – by donating your time, resources, or, yes, money – was highly promoted and valued. I co-founded a non-profit solely aimed at giving back when I was younger because I had had that upbringing and knew that even a little bit can make a difference.

Will $50 make or break The Dallas Opera‘s campaign to continue music education in Dallas schools? No (or at least I sincerely hope not!). But it might pay for one music teacher to spend an hour or two of her morning teaching kids the joys of classical music. And that’s worth it to me.

And who knows? One of those kids might grow up to be an opera singer.

Do you have any local causes you support? How are you giving back to your community? Let me know in the comments!