Use the Force


“I just used the force to make my bed” –@glitterandspiceblog (Instagram)

Sorry for the crappy indoor-iPhone-quality photo, but a message needed to be conveyed:

I look like Darth Vader in this cast.

In case you missed my post last week explaining my impending radio silence, here’s the spark notes version of what you need to know about me right now (and why my posts have been and will be so sporadic over the next few weeks): right after I landed in LA two weekends ago, a guy dropped my suitcase on my hand… breaking and severely spraining my thumb, spraining my wrist, and tearing a ton of muscles in my hand. My first thought after getting the cast (which I have to wear for the next three weeks!) was “I feel like Anakin Skywalker”.

So, the next few weeks will be full of nerdy Star Wars-based instagrams (like the one above) and tweets (though I really can’t get much nerdier and Star Wars-based than my Twitter handle – @DarthKushner). If all goes according to plan, this week will be better than last week was in terms of being up on the posts – I have some great restaurant and book reviews waiting in the wings (since the cooking/baking and the fashion shoots have pretty much come to a standstill for the time being). Again, please bear with me as I learn how to type / work my life without my dominant hand (getting dressed is 50 shades of miserable).