Golden Son by Pierce Brown

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You know how trilogies often encounter a sophomore slump? (Ahem, The Hunger Games and Divergent) Well, thank goodness this one didn’t.

Remember me talking about how much I loved Red Rising by Pierce Brown? Well, after reading the sequel, Golden Son, I now no longer know which Pierce Brown novel is my favorite.

In Golden Son, Darrow’s saga continues as he faces political intrigue while bringing down the color-oriented society from within. As Darrow traverses a variety of planets (interstellar travel… I know, exciting!) his education amongst the Golds continues as brutally and diabolically as in Red Rising. Basically, lots of murder and spaceships. I like it.

Brown’s characters are real. They’re layered, flawed, and unpredictable. No character is fully evil or fully good – in that way, the trilogy kind of reminds me of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. And, much like in the series known on TV as Game of Thrones, the Red Rising series centers around some crazywonderful action scenes. As well as some romance scenes. It’s basically all blood, gore, romance, and intrigue.

And, obviously, that means I liked Golden Son. And would highly recommend it.

Have you read the Red Rising series yet? If not, why the wait?!