Naps in Napa

So turns out that I don’t actually have a working internet connection at this hotel… so, despite my most ardent attempts to follow through on posting every day this week, I won’t be able to do so. Because, you know, having access to the internet is kind of important when writing a blog.

I’ll be back on Wednesday¬†with a brand-new outfit post (if all goes according to plan and I’m able to get ahold of an internet connection¬†somewhere in wine country), but, until then, I’ll leave you with a few jealousy-invoking shots of my time thus far in Napa Valley. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for even more pretty pictures!

IMG_6622 IMG_6616 IMG_6646

PS somebody needs to start an Instagram called Naps in Napa, featuring all the wonderful places for one to pass out in this gorgeous valley. Vineyards, hilltops, Mumm’s Oak Terrace, you name it. Just credit me with the genius idea.