Hair Musts

Everything hurts.

I’m on day three of my health kick (aka attempting to workout every day and not eat hamburgers and cake for every meal) and I’m just about dying. Seriously. I try to stand up and I’m just a shaking wreck of limbs and poor excuses for muscles.

Though I have a lot of hair, it’s very fine in texture and therefore gets damaged quite easily. So, me showering more than once every 24 hours really isn’t in the cards if I don’t want to look like a disaster. And I really don’t want to look like a disaster.

Deep conditioners, dry shampoos, negative-ion hair dryers… those are just some of my favorites from my hair arsenal. Want the rest? Shop the post below!

Hair Musts

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Ten  /  Eleven  /  Twelve  /  Thirteen  /  Fourteen  /  Fifteen

What are your “hair musts”? Share in the comments below!