Living Room Inspiration

I have unofficially decided that I’ll be moving later this summer into a new apartment building in Dallas. My current apartment was a great starter, but I hate the floors with a fiery passion of 10,000 years (seriously they look like a drunk zebra at a rave ran into a wooden plank too many times) and the water pressure is a joke.

It was good while it lasted..?

I am so excited to be looking at new places. The search is starting this weekend and I already cannot wait to move into a brand new place and make it my own! My style has gotten much lighter, preppier, and airier since graduating college (and leaving the northeast), so I’m definitely looking forward to updating my existing pieces and making a few fun purchases come this fall.

Below are a few snaps of living room inspiration… be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see more!

living room 2
living room 7

living room 4

living room 5
living room 3

Images (top to bottom, left to right)
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Where do you find living room inspiration? Let me know in the comments!