My Haven

DSC02130Haven 2

Recently I was asked a simple question by the folks over at Parachute Home (a direct consumer bedding company based in Venice Beach, California): What is it you love about your bedroom?

But it’s really not so simple of an answer. My bedroom is more than just the place I sleep – it’s the place in which I get ready every morning (in case that’s not clear from the look of my dresser), where I read, where I – quite frequently – lounge for hours on end due to unbelievable laziness.

My bedroom really is my haven. I try not to ever do real work in my room – whether it be for the day job or for my blog. I make every attempt to keep my room a stress-free zone. The only clutter allowed in the room is that which you can see on the dresser. And yes, I do realize my dresser kind of resembles the aftermath of an explosion… but I still dig it.

I especially like to keep my bed pristine РI find that climbing into a well-made bed at the end of the day and being snug as a bug in a rug in your super-comfy sheets makes sleep that much better. At this point, I basically sleep like the dead.

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