No. 30 – Learn How to Make Macarons


This past Wednesday night, I joined a few other Circle Seven Five members and learned how to make one of my favorite desserts: macarons (also known as French macaroons). Made yummy little treats and accomplished another item from my 30 Before 30 to-do list!

And oh my goodness, was it fun!

Added bonus: my macarons turned out to be not only edible, but also delicious!

I made raspberry macarons with a vanilla buttercream filling. With sprinkles. Obviously. Because add glitter whenever possible. Obviously.

I’m not going to go step-by-step through the macaron-making process as it is a bit lengthy (check out the photos below!), but know that this won’t be the last time you see homemade macarons on the blog! I’m thinking next-up should be some gold glitter sparkly yummy macarons…

What flavor should I make next?

DSC02782 DSC02797 DSC02800