Red Door

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What I’m Wearing:

Top: J.Crew / Jeans: J.Crew / Sandals: J.Crew, old (similar) / Purse: Henri Bendel (color sold out) / Sunglasses: Tory Burch
Earrings: Amrita Singh, old (similar) / Bracelet: J.Crew, old (similar, similar) / Ring: found in Paris (similar)

This week has already been a long [and awkward] one… and it’s only Wednesday! What the stinker!?!?

Every day this week, I have a jam-packed schedule. Meetings and appointments spattered throughout the day and plan after plan after plan till after 10PM every night. What on earth was I thinking?!?!

Let’s just use yesterday as a sample: my day started with my chairs being picked up to be reupholstered (yay for #pinkchairpalace coming to fruition!), continued with a very busy afternoon at my day job… and then I went to my workout. And then I went to a CircleSevenFive event (my faves!). And then I took my best friend out for his birthday to Meddlesome Moth (yum!!). Do I regret any of it? Absolutely not! Do I wish I had gotten more than 7 hours of sleep last night? Absolutely yes.


On top of all of that, I’ve been on a string of bad dates as of late. So that’s just exhausting (but, on the plus side, my friends are determined to have me write a memoirs of my dating stories, so get excited for that coming in coffee table book form in the likely-very-distant future). Oh, and I accidentally burned my neck with a curling iron. So not only do I have this painful welt on my neck, but I also have all of my coworkers asking me if it’s a hickey. No, I’m not in high school. Yes, I bruise easily.

Super awkward.

You know, for a change of pace.