Delicious Crock Pot Minestrone Soup Recipe

Crock Pot Minestrone Soup (1)

One of my favorite parts of fall? Soup. All of the soups. Those yummy, yummy, yummy soups. And the best fall soup of them all is definitely this delicious crock pot minestrone soup.

If you don’t yet have a crock pot, GET ONE (here). They make fall soups (and a bunch of other dishes) so so easy. You just add everything to the crock pot, set the timer, and walk away! You’ll return a few hours later to a delicious dish, ready to be eaten. Crock pots are the working person’s best friends – I just add everything to my crock pot before I leave in the morning, and then come home to my dinner, ready and waiting! Some of my favorite crock pot recipes are this chicken enchilada soup and this chili!

But lets talk about this delicious crock pot minestrone soup. I like to make a big batch of it on Monday, and then eat it all week for lunches and dinners galore. Or I freeze it and then eat it whenever my little heart desires. But there’s an important detail for this recipe which we need to discuss: the noods.

Yes, that means noodles.

You should know that I probably put in double the suggested amount of noodles in this crock pot minestrone soup recipe… but if you care about that at all then we probably can’t be friends because carbs are my favorite. I want all of the noodles, always!

So keep reading for my noodle-full recipe: