Easy Homemade Rosemary Bread Recipe

Rosemary Bread

I’m currently out at my parents’ house in Colorado. In case you missed it on Instagram, I made this easy homemade rosemary bread the other night for a nice little dinner with my parents. It came out so delicious that I had to share the recipe with you guys!

But before we dive in, I had to tell you guys what I went through to make this homemade rosemary bread. Two things in particular made this baking experience a little more interesting than usual:

  1. My parents’ house is located at an altitude of about 8600 feet (baking can be quite tricky in altitude).
  2. My mother doesn’t own a loaf pan.

So I made a few adjustments and made this bread in a circular Pyrex. But there was still the question of altitude / climate.

How do altitude and climate impact baking?

Since the Colorado mountains are a dry climate, I may have used a bit more liquid than you would need in a humid climate (like Dallas). As stated in the recipe, have 2 cups of water set aside but add it slowly. You might not need all of it.

Also, things take longer to cook (and to rise) given the lower oxygen and low boiling point associated with higher altitudes. I let my bread rise for a total of 90 minutes, but you might only need 30-60 minutes at sea level. I put this in the directions below, but I wanted to call it out ahead of time, just in case!

Homemade Rosemary Bread

Now that that’s covered, let’s get into the recipe. As always, drop me a note if you decide to bake your own homemade rosemary bread. I’d love to know how it turns out!