What’s On My September in Colorado Packing List

Packing for Colorado

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Today’s the day! I’m so excited to head off to Colorado. I’m all packed and ready for almost two weeks of relaxation, puppy time, and funtivities with the family. As usual, I’ll be staying at my parents’ house, in Bachelor Gulch (near Beaver Creek). We tend to keep pretty casual, so aside from the items above, I had a lot of athleisure on my packing list for this trip to Colorado!

When making my packing list for any destination, there are 3 things I keep in mind:

  1. Planned activities.
  2. How dressy or casual the destination is.
  3. The temperature / climate.

On this trip, I have one planned activity: my mother’s birthday celebration (but more on that later). Other than that, we tend to keep things casual in Colorado… but the Vail Valley is generally a casual destination. Albeit a cold one.

I recommend filling your suitcase with athleisure that works for a variety of activities. In the Vail Valley, you can wear athleisure for hiking, hanging around the house, or even grabbing a casual dinner, so I try to bring at least 3 athleisure outfits for a two-week trip.

Whatever room that exists in the suitcase after that, I fill with layers. I always include layers in my Colorado packing lists, since the temperatures can range from 50F-80F this time of year in the mountains, depending on the time of day. Scarves and sweaters rapidly become my best friends. I also have a lightweight down jacket I leave in Colorado year-round, just in case of emergencies.

So what am I bringing on this trip?

September in Colorado Packing List

As I mentioned above, we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday this weekend. I included a denim dress and my favorite cowboy boots in my Colorado packing list, specifically to wear to her fiesta. I think they’ll be perfect for my mom’s party, and they’re perfectly casual for the mountains!

It’s been pretty chilly out there as of late, so I’m definitely bringing a few sweaters and my favorite down vest with me. This blanket scarf is also great since it can add a lot of warmth, depending on how you wear it. If it’s nice out, I’ll likely wear this shell with jeans and cowboy boots and call it a day. In the event we have some downtime for game nights or movies, I like to bring my coziest slippers, to help me get in the mood.

Finally, I have no doubt that my parents will drag me on a few hikes (hence the leggings). Nature and I really don’t get along, but it helps if you dress for the adventure!