Fall in The City

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What I’m Wearing:


p style=”text-align: center;”>Shirt: J.Crew / Sweater: J.Crew / Skirt: J.Crew, old (similar) / Jacket: Burberry / Purse: J.Crew / Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Scarf: Ralph Lauren, old (similar) / Earrings: gift (similar) / Bracelet: Kate Spade, old (similar) / Ring: LC Lauren Conrad

There are a two times every year when I just really really really miss NYC: fall and Christmastime.

Despite the 50 shades of dreadful weather I encountered while in town last week, there’s just something so lovely about the city this time of year. The leaves changing in Central Park, the temperatures cooling down and the layers coming on – it’s just so special.

Plus, I have so many fabulous coats and hardly ever an excuse to wear them! Priorities, people.

When I went to school in upstate New York, I found myself in “the city” all the freaking time. Partially because I was seeing a guy who lived there, partially because – let’s face it – I really needed to escape Ithaca every once in a while. Oh, and partially because it was warmer there (if you can believe that!). I loved taking that scenic drive down, seeing my friends, eating at so many unique restuarants, walking along the High Line (heck, walking everywhere), and galavanting around the city with some of my nearest and dearest.

Aside from the chap (and my thinking that NYC is “warm”), not much has changed in three years. Every time I’m in NYC, it is a whirlwind of friends, food, and funtivities. This trip alone I saw nearly 15 of my friends – and, as I was tied up every night from 5PM till midnight, I think that’s kind of impressive. I ate Turkish food (oh, the things we do not have in Dallas). I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the new Whitney. I shopped till I dropped at Barneys and Bergdorfs… and I battled Mother Nature with my shield/umbrella pictured above.

It was a very lively four days.

Photography by Inge Agni