Mi Cocina


I think it’s about time that I posted about one of my all-time favorite Dallas restaurants, don’t you agree?

Mi Cocina.

Every Dallasite knows this Dallas restaurant chain (FYI there are also locations in Houston, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Atlanta, Georgia)… mainly because they’re all over the damn place in the greater DFW area! Seriously – there are six locations within 10 miles of my apartment (and two of those are within a 2.5 mile radius!).


My favorite location is the one in Highland Park Village. I’m seriously there all the stinking time. Nothing says “Tuesday night with the girls” quite like wandering around all of the pretty shops and then popping into “MiCo” for a round of Mambo Taxis and some yummy queso and guacamole (aka “guac”).

What’s a Mambo Taxi, you ask? Only the best / most dangerous thing ever invented! A Mambo Taxi, Mi Cocina‘s specialty drink, is a traditional margarita with swirls of sangria in it…. and just a touch of brandy (you don’t even taste that last one). Trust me when I say that these drinks will knock you on your bum.

DSC02040 DSC02041DSC02045 DSC02044

Since you’ll probably want to eat something while drinking your day away, Mambo Taxi-style, I recommend starting your meal with MiCo’s Guacamole “Mexicano” and/or a nice bowl of the Queso Blanco (the Chile con Queso is also super delicious!). For the main, the Tacos “De Brisket” and Flame-Grilled Fajitas are always two of my top faves. And don’t forget about the combination platters – their enchiladas (pictured) are some of the best!

For me, nothing really beats sitting out on MiCo’s porch (no matter the season – one advantage of living in Dallas), sipping on a marg and chowing down on some delicious Mexican food (aka TexMex)! As I said above, there’s a bunch of locations throughout Dallas (and even some outside of the DFW area), but they’re all open daily for lunch and dinner, as well as for brunch on weekends. Pop in to the MiCo near you to try out a Mambo Taxi soon – and definitely let me know if you like it!