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What I’m Wearing:


p style=”text-align: center;”>Dress: Kate Spade, old (similar) / Purse: Chanel / Shoes: Ivanka Trump / Pearl Necklace: Neiman Marcus, old (similar)
Earrings: Kate Spade / Pearl Ring: LC Lauren Conrad / Bow Ring: Kate Spade, old (similar)


Excuse my language, but just… holy shit.

I didn’t realize it before seeing this production of Turandot at the Met, but seeing this production of Turandot at the Met was definitely a bucket list item. Just… wow. I highly highly recommend adding it to your bucket list too – even if you don’t particularly consider yourself an “opera fan” (trust me – you’ll be a fan of this one).

Turandot is a big piece. I mean a big piece. Huge voices (you probably know what is likely the most famous aria from the opera – Nessun Dorma). The opera is challenging and demands voices that are almost Wagnerian in their depth and strength.

And then there was the set.

With every scene change, I found myself just gawking – seriously chin on the floor – at the magnificence and splendor of the set. I’m pretty sure that every time the curtain came up, the was an audible gasp of awe from the audience (and I said “holy crap” every. single. time).

Gold. Gold everywhere. And glitter. And depth. And more glitter. And people – so many people. Seriously I have never seen so many people on a stage in an opera. And the costumes. And the set. And the just WOW. I found myself totally speechless for probably a solid hour after the performance ended. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was almost like watching one of those Baz Luhrmann movies – I never knew where to look on the stage and I didn’t want to blink in fear of missing a single moment.

I’m sure I did miss a few things… but, hey, it gives me an excuse to go back and see it again on my next trip!

Photography by Inge Agni