Windy Day

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What I’m Wearing:


p style=”text-align: center;”>Shirt: J.Crew / Sweater: J.Crew / Skirt: J.Crew Factory, color sold out / Jacket: Burberry / Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Purse: Longchamp, old (similar) / Ring: J.Crew, sold out (similar) / Earrings: The Pearl Monkey, c/o

As I write this post, I have sand between my toes and I’m listening to the sound of the ocean around me. Hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was freezing my little bum off and battling the forces in New York City.

I was seriously ill prepared for that turn in the forecast.

Crazy winds, tons of rain, a drop in temperatures to the low 50s (about 10°C). No thanks, brah.

My hair rapidly turned to a disaster of a rat’s nest. I found myself longing for my packable Hunter rain boots as I flooded my favorite Vince Camuto riding boots on the daily (pro tip: stuff your soaked boots with newspaper – it’ll help dry them out faster while retaining the shape). Though I didn’t bring any workout clothes on this trip (mainly because I’m gone for three weeks and packed everything in a carry on and honestly couldn’t fit one more thing in there), I definitely felt like every day was a workout in NYC between the walking, the holding on to my umbrella despite the crazy rain, and the trudging forwards despite the completely insane rain. It was exciting, y’all.

Oh and PS – the beach is spectacular. I’ve been in Fort Lauderdale since Sunday for a conference (don’t you love it when you can conduct business from a beach?) and I’m bopping down to Miami this afternoon for another week. For another conference. My life is très hard.

Photography by Inge Agni