Gifts for the Foodie

Have a chef in the family? Or a foodblogger bestie? Or a culinary whiz as a friend? These are the gifts for them.

Gifts for the Foodie


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Now tell me why:
One: KitchenAid Mixer

Yes, this one comes with a larger price tag. But if your foodie is a baker and doesn’t have one, I promise you that they want one. I don’t have one and this mixer has been on the top of my foodie wish-list for years. Extra points will be awarded for getting one in your foodie’s favorite color!

Two: Cake Stand

How else will one show off his or her incredible creations (under $50)?

Three: Vitamix

These blenders have been all-the-rage for a few years… and with good reason! Soups, smoothies, milkshakes, whatever – they’re all only a few seconds away with a Vitamix.

Four: WiFi-Enabled Crock Pot

Maybe this is just me geeking out, but I think these are genius. These ensure that you can turn your Crock Pot on or off remotely – perfect for those recipes that require a combination of cooking temperatures.

Five: Le Creuset

These dutch ovens, pots, pans, dishes (etc) are pretty much the standard in cookware and bakeware. Plus, the colors are ever so fun! They’re a splurge but they’re so worth it – I have a Le Creuset dutch oven in blue and I use it at every opportunity I get!

Six: Nice Cutting Boards

Good cutting boards really do make a difference. These would make a great gift alongside another gift or even as a stocking stuffer… if your stockings are really wide (under $50 for a set of three).

Seven: Pasta Maker

How fun of a gift would this be? Forget make-your-own pizza night: make-your-own pasta night is definitely the next level of interesting and fun! It’s a splurge, but oh so worth it.

Eight: Knives

Knives make all the difference. These W├╝stof knives are sharp perfection – and currently listed at half of their normal price!

Nine: Apron

Having a chic apron makes cooking so much more fun (under $25)!

Ten: Sous Vide

Unfamiliar with the Sous Vide? I promise you that your foodie friend isn’t! These immersion cookers act almost like a slow cooker for meat, fish, and poultry – and with superb results. Well worth the price tag.

Eleven: Spiralizer

I recently bought this spiralizer so I can make zoodles (and every other type of vegetable noodle) whenever my little heart desired. If you have a foodie friend who is also health conscious, this is the perfect lil’ somethin’ for them (under $25).

Twelve: Marble Rolling Pin

Sub-$25 and perfect for rolling out the toughest dough.

Thirteen: Cookbooks

I love collecting cookbooks. These cookbooks by Julia Child are classics – and you can get both for under $100.

Fourteen: Silpat

Want to make macaroons? Or super delicious cookies, the french style? Or really any french pastries? These are absolutely necessary (under $25).

Fifteen: Oven Mitt

Oven Mitts are a must-have for bakers – these nice ones from Williams Sonoma are great stocking stuffers (under $10).