Green Cape and Happy Thanksgiving!

green cape-1 green cape-2 green cape-3 green cape-5 green cape-6 green cape-7 green cape-8 green cape-9 green cape-10 green cape-11 green cape-12

What I’m Wearing:

Cape: Leslie Tessler / Shirt: J.Crew (I have these in every color!!) / Pants: J.Crew
Purse: J.Crew / Shoes: BGBGeneration, old (similar) / Earrings: J.Crew, old (similar)
Bow Ring: Kate Spade, old (similar) / Pearl Ring: LC Lauren ConradĀ (under $10!!!)

Call me crazy, but I love a good cape. Green capes, red capes, tan capes, blue capes. I adore them all. And I totally want them all. Unfortunately neither my wallet nor my coat closet can support all of those purchases. Boo.

I’m off to Austin this morning for an extra-long weekend of fun and yum at my parents’ house in the hill country. I am super stoked. Or at least, I was super stoked until my mom texted me and told me I’ve been ousted from my childhood room because she wants our guests staying there… because it’s tidier than my sister’s room (read: it’s OCD-level-clean). And guess where I get to sleep? My sister’s ever so untidy room. Oh goodie.

For anybody who knows both of us, it should come as no surprise that my sister and I have polar opposite interior decorating styles. My room is purple and white and calming and silver (that last one’s a bit weird for this lover of all things goldĀ but whatever). I have a watercolor up on the wall above my bed, a super cute “Modern Cinderella” piece that has hung in my room since I was a little kid, and my college diploma. My sister’s room? Yeah… no. Calming it is not. My sister’s room is bold and loud and leopard and puff balls and stuff. So much stuff.

At least I get to steal the dog for the weekend. Muhahaha. Feebee, you are mine.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday weekend.

Photography by Beckley & Co.