Pink Coat

pink-coat-1 pink-coat-2 pink-coat-3 pink-coat-4 pink-coat-5 pink-coat-6

What I’m Wearing:

Coat: Asos, old (similar, similar, similar – under $100) / Pants: Ted Baker / Heels: Cole Haan
Earrings: C.Wonder, old (similarĀ – under $10) / Pearl Ring: LC Lauren Conrad / Bow Ring: Kate Spade, old (similar)

Isn’t this pink coat just the cutest? I die. I absolutely love the leopard-trim collar. So precious (and warm!!). The classic cut of this coat makes me feel like I’m straight out of Mad Men season one… Betty Draper, obvi. I have the nagging feeling that she would totally dig that leopard collar.

How was your weekend? I saw the new Hunger Games movie (gave me anxiety… but actually) on Saturday night and then saw Dallas Opera‘s production of Tosca yesterday (loved it!!). Other than that, I spent the majority of the weekend snuggled up on the couch in a very different sort of pink coat (ahem: my pink bathrobe) getting my holiday cards out the door, watching Call the Midwife (still so obsessed!), and getting some freaking work done.

So much work to be done.

Speaking of which, anybody want to come clean my house for me? I’m drowning in chores! How do people do this?!?!? Yesterday, in the midst of writing and working, I did four loads of laundry, scrubbed my kitchen, essentially tore apart my bathroom, hung everything that had previously been draped over my chairs, wrapped my holiday presents, and took out the trash. Oh, and I vacuumed. Guys… I loathe vacuuming.

I am so very looking forward to relaxing this week in Austin! I’m taking the bus down from Dallas on Wednesday and I can’t wait to spend my favorite holiday with family and the dearest of friends. And I really cannot wait to sleep in (and maybe even not set an alarm!!).

Photography by Beckley & Co.