The Best Pumpkin Banana Bread Recipe – Perfect for Celebrating Fall!

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I made this Pumpkin Banana Bread recipe for that Circle Seven Five brunch I hosted a few weeks ago… and it was such a hit. People love pumpkins, yes. People love banana bread, yes. What did I discover? EVERYBODY loves Pumpkin Banana Bread.

Fun fact: the fastest way to my dad’s heart is through bananas. You ask him what his favorite foods are and after the obligatory “sushi”, he’ll say, “umm… bananas fosters, banana bread, banana this, banana that, plain bananas…”. Dude’s obsessed. And I’m pretty sure he’ll never forgive me for not sending him a taste of this recipe.

Or he’ll just never stop asking me to make it for him. One or the other.

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Pumpkin spice banana bread loaf with slice cut off

A Bit About My Pumpkin Banana Bread Recipe

This recipe would be the perfect dish for Thanksgiving dessert or for an upcoming brunch this fall. It’s really easy to make and is rapidly becoming one of my favorite fall recipes! It’s seriously so festive – perfect for celebrating fall.

Pro tip: if you’re enjoying it for dessert, serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And maybe a light drizzle of chocolate fudge. Ya know, if you really want to indulge.

My favorite part about this recipe is how seriously easy it is! You legitimately just combine all of the ingredients, put it in a loaf pan, and pop it in the oven. An hour later, voila! You have Pumpkin Banana Bread, waiting to be eaten and making your whole house smell like heaven / fall.

Enjoy the recipe below and let me know if you have any questions.

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