How to Style a T-Shirt with a Midi Skirt

How to style a t-shirt with a midi skirt this winter - featuring outfit inspiration from a Dallas fashion blogger

When I saw this More Issues Than Vogue” t-shirt on Etsy, I knew I had to have it.

I mean – the t-shirt is VERY fitting. I am the queen of always having a dramatic story. There’s always something going on: I went on a horrendous date (per usual), a stranger randomly serenaded me on my way to work, I tripped and literally fell into my office.

PS all of that was just in this past week.

Whatever. I think I’m entertaining.

And now to the real point of this post: how to style a t-shirt with a midi skirt.

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How to Style a T-Shirt with a Midi Skirt

As you can see from the photos above, I’m a big fan of the t-shirt with midi skirt trend these days! To pull off this trend, you should either tuck the t-shirt into the midi skirt (like how I did above) or tie the t-shirt at your waist.

If your t-shirt is a bit baggy, wear a more form-fitting midi skirt. If your t-shirt is fitted, pair it with a voluminous skirt. But, as always with fashion, wear whatever you think looks good and makes you feel confident! That’s the most important part, after all!

Photography by Beckley & Co.