How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate, make a cheese plate

The most useful trick when hosting a party? Knowing how to create the perfect cheese plate.

Well, that and knowing how much food to make. Because nothing is worse than running out of food at a party. Except for maybe running out of booze.

That’d be catastrophic.

The best rule of thumb with cheese boards? Channel your inner Emily Giffin: you want something aged, something blue, something soft, and something firm. You know, instead of something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. Keep reading for my Pinterest-worthy graphic and my list of cheesy faves!

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate

To make this post, I looted my local Whole Foods and picked up some of my favorite cheeses to create the perfect cheese plate:  one-year-aged Manchego Queso (something aged), Bonhomme Normand Brie (something soft), Humboldt Fog Cypress Grove (something blue), Seaside Cheddar Ford Farm (something firm). I also nabbed a little tin of berries (something sweet) – the perfect size for cheese board assembly – and a handful of pecans and walnuts (something salty).

But, ya know, sometimes you want to mix it up. Make a spread using only goat cheese. Or only cheeses from South America. Or only smoked cheeses. Or only stinky cheeses. You get the gist.

Note: Please don’t do one of only stinky cheeses. Your breath and your home will both smell so so bad.

My other cheese board must-haves: crackers and/or bread, a jar of honey / jam / fig spread, apple slices, cured meats, lox… really, the world is your oyster. But – and this is super important – you must be sure to remember the wine!

So, with that, you are ready for your weekend entertaining. Have a great Friday, y’all!

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