How to Pack for a Trip Like a Genius

How to Pack for a Trip Like a Genius

Greetings from San Francisco, y’all!

As mentioned yesterday, I was determined to pack for this trip using only carry-ons (great for trips with multiple destinations). And I am thrilled to announce that I was successful! Yep, I feel like a total genius. Like a packing Einstein. So I thought I’d share with y’all my tips on how to pack for a trip like a genius, of course!

Keep reading for my tips plus some of my favorite travel must-haves.

Travel Must-Haves

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Tip #1: Pack only the essentials

I hate to break it to you, but for a week-long vacation, you don’t need 14 sets of pajamas. If you’re traveling for longer than a week, plan to wash your unmentionables in a sink with soap and water (it’s actually better for your lacy little nothings anyways!). Figure out where and when you can do laundry for the bigger items and pre-plan for your activities so you only bring things you’ll need. Also, it’s not illegal to wear the same thing twice in a week when on vacation… I do it all the time… even when I’m not on vacation.

Tip #2: Choose a color scheme

It’s so much easier to assemble an outfit while traveling if all of your clothes can mix and match. I like to stick to the navy-white-blush combination and I’ll add in a few other accent pieces in colors like heather grey, lilac, or even yellow (and we all know how much I love yellow!). My favorite tip for learning how to pack for a trip in a carry-on? Pick only things that can be morphed into multiple outfits, and you can survive for weeks out of a carry-on!

Tip #3: Pretend like you’re playing Tetris

Stuff your sneakers full of socks and your heels full of your lacy unmentionables. Stick your shoes and heavier items in your suitcase first and then roll up all of your clothes as you strategically place them in every open space in your bag before sitting on it to zip it shut (yep, I do that every time). By the way, rolling your clothes can help decrease the number of wrinkles in your clothes upon arrival at your final destination!

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