Red, White, and Blue Cocktail

Cocktail for Fourth of July

Sorry for the delay in this post! Usually I post every day, Monday through Friday at 5:00AM CST, but I’m currently traveling and the Inn I’m staying with in Napa was WiFi-less last night so I was unable to write today’s post until this morning.

However, I’m pretty sure y’all will forgive me because this post includes BOOZE (and we all love that / know how much love that).

This Red, White, and Blue Cocktail recipe is perfect for your upcoming Fourth of July festivities (reminder: it’s this weekend!!). By playing a bit with the densities of the liquors, you can create an awesome layered look in your cocktail. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the drink is absolutely delicious and those blueberry star-shaped ice cubes are always a huge hit!

Just imagine laying under the fireworks show on Monday (aka the Forth of July), sippin’ this bad boy. How much more ‘Murica can you get? Well, I suppose you could throw in a star-spangled bikini and totally win the day. This vodka-based Red, White, and Blue Cocktail would be absolutely ideal for any America-themed summer celebration, whether it be Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or even cheering on team USA later this summer at the Olympics! Keep reading for the full recipe.

Red, White, and Blue Cocktail

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