White Pleated Dress

White Pleated Dress

Is there anything more quintessentially “summer” than a white sundress? The moment I spotted this white pleated dress I was like HELLS YES. It’s low-cut enough to be flirty for date night, while being long enough to keep ’em guessing.

And you know how I love to keep ’em guessing.

(Jokes. Everybody knows my entire life story. I literally have a blog.)

J.Crew Factory Chevron Pleated Dress White J.Crew Factory Striped Canvas Clutch, Kiel James Patrick Pearl Bracelet Brown Tan Wedges White Chevron Pleated Sundress

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: J.Crew Factory / Purse: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: similar
Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick / Earrings: Goodnight Macaroon / Ring: BaubleBar

Speaking of y’all knowing my entire life story, two things to bring y’all up to speed:

1: If I look like I’m kind of curling in upon myself in the photos above it is because it was freaking freezing when I did this photoshoot. The weather in Dallas has been 14 levels of bizarre as of late, so does it really surprise anybody that when we thought it was going to be 80°F and sunny, it was actually 60°F and started raining as soon as we wrapped up this shoot?

Glad it was after instead of during though. Me in this white pleated dress in the rain would basically be like a really unfortunate episode of Girls’ Gone Wild. Aka one that would definitely never get airtime.

2: If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a tweet that mentioned 3rd degree lip burns and Kylie Jenner in the same sentence. Basicallyyyyyy I’m not a real person and, when I went to drink my hot water with lemon yesterday morning, I accidentally burned my bottom lip. On the one hand, I still haven’t regained feeling in the center of my lip… but on the other, I think I discovered the trick to getting buxom, Kylie Jenner-esque lips without going under the knife/needle. So that’s exciting.

Note: I definitely do not recommend trying the above at home. Unless you do it by accident. And then swipe on a coat of your favorite red lipstick and enjoy looking like Angelina Jolie for the day.

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