10 Cozy Winter Sweaters Under $100

sweaters under $100

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In the cooler months, it is rare to find me not wearing a sweater. I’m actually wearing one right now, as I right this post (it’s this one, in case you’re wondering!).

Since sweaters are oh-so cozy (and since Black Friday is next week!!!), I thought I should round up a few of my favorite winter sweaters under $100 for your shopping pleasure.

I think one, five, and six are my favorites – those pom-poms on five are just too cute! And that jeweled collar on one? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Also four just looks so perfect for lounging around the house over the holiday season! :)

PS: for more sweaters, check out my sweater roundup on my holiday guide! I’ll be linking more sweaters every day (as well as products in all of the other categories), so be sure to check back often.

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