5 Outfits to Inspire You for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… and, even though I’m single [A.F.], I thought I should round up a few of my favorite Valentine’s-y looks for y’all from years past. When it comes to my own Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration, I always look for pieces that are feminine, flirty, romantic… and that make me feel like a friggin’ princess.

Shocker, I know.

And, between you and me, that’s actually my qualifications for just about everything I wear. Does this outfit make me feel like a friggin’ princess? Yes? Great. No? Add more bows / sparkles… STAT.

Like the dress above (still available here in pale pink!). Between the bows, the shade of pink, and the cut, I’m pretty sure I’ve achieved princess status. Plus, the fake eyelashes help.

red and white Valentine's Day look, tulle skirt


This little red and white look is probably my all-time favorite Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration. It’s so feminine and flirty… plus tulle totally makes me feel like a princess!

To replicate this look, grab a thin, red sweater (I like this v-neck, this cashmere one, and this bold red crewneck), a tulle skirt, a quilted black bag (this one is under $50), and some classic nude pumps.

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How to wear pale pink for Valentine's Day


Pale pink is one of my favorite colors… and combining blush with blue is a great way to get into the romantic spirit without going totally overboard. This dress and this dress both look almost exactly like the one I’m wearing above (and they’re both under $100!) and I also love this oversized coat in a similar shade of blue.

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Navy and pink outfit


You may be starting to sense a theme here: I don’t wear pants. Like ever.

This printed skirt is such a great, muted way to get in the festive mood. It has so many gorgeous, feminine qualities to it (see: flowers. Pink flowers), and I absolutely love the length and the shape.

To replicate this look, grab a printed skirt (this one is almost identical), a button-down, and a pale pink cardigan. Throw on a neutral-toned clutch and some heels and away you go!

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pink outfit to wear to work


Y’all loved this look from a few weeks ago… and it’s so pink and feminine that I absolutely had to include it in this Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration roundup! Between the pink coat (I like this one and this one), the red and pink scarf, and the sparkly top, this outfit is so ready for a casual Valentine’s Day celebration.

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