How I Stay Organized with iStratus DayPlanner

I definitely underestimated how challenging it would be to balance business school and the blog. When I was working, the work typically ended when I got home; I could use the post-work time to focus on the blog. Now, as an MBA student, the work never ends. Any given night, I’m up past 11PM working on either the blog or my schoolwork.

And then you throw in the wrench that is group projects: coordinating 5 peoples’ schedules to perfectly align is a lot more challenging than you think it would be. Staying organized and keeping a regular schedule became nearly impossible. And then I started using iStratus DayPlanner as my main organizational tool on my phone.

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Something I love about the iStratus DayPlanner is the ability to create repeating calendar events that occur at different times. I primarily use this tool when I create calendar reminders for my workout classes. I’m easily able to create a new event, and then I just click on a bunch of different dates and choose the times for each date, all on the same screen. So having a 4:30PM pilates class on Monday and then a 5:30PM class on Tuesday and a 12PM class on Thursday and a 10:30AM class on Saturday (and then a completely different schedule the following week) doesn’t require me taking 10 minutes to create a bazillion different calendar events. I can just click the dates and choose the times and have everything done in mere seconds.

Now if only I could get myself to actually show up to all those workout classes, that’d be amazing.

Additionally, I use the Daily Activity tracker in the iStratus DayPlanner system to keep track of my tasks and things I need to accomplish that day. This week, I had a test in Organizational Behavior, a group project due in Consumer Insights, homework due for Operations Management, and 4 separate cases to read. On top of all of that, I had 4 posts to write on the blog, sponsored posts to write and publish both on the blog and Instagram, 2 photoshoots, and 3 social obligations. Oh and I needed to clean my apartment in preparation of a friend visiting this coming weekend. And go grocery shopping.

Not even exaggerating. To make sure I don’t miss a single deadline, I create reminders in the Daily Activity tracker. Some of those items I listed above had set due dates: the homework and the sponsored posts, for instance. But then some don’t have due dates. Like grocery shopping and cleaning my apartment… both of which I actually still haven’t completed. Not only am I able to create the reminders and set levels of urgency for each reminder in the DayPlanner system, I’m also able to classify each task under a variety of tasks (like School: Organizational Behavior) and have unfinished tasks roll over to the next day.

I’m also able to link photos and files to my tasks (and encrypt anything!). This is definitely helpful for both the blog and school. In school, I can attach assignments as a PDF to each task. For the blog, I can attach layout photos of the outfits before photoshoots. I can even attach contacts to tasks – particularly helpful when you have a running phone date with your bestie!

Now, I just need to work on the actual follow-through.

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