15 Pink Things on my Birthday Wishlist

Rebecca Minkoff Large Mab Tote Bag in Light Mint

So fun fact: my birthday is right around the corner. As in less than two weeks away.


As I’ll be turning a less-than-thrilling age this year (27), I’m not making as big of a stink out of my birthday as I usually do. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a birthday wishlist. Entirely made up of pink things. I mean really, it’s my birthday after all.

15 Pink Things on my Birthday Wishlist

One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five  |  Six  |  Seven  |  Eight  |  Nine  |  Ten
Eleven  |  Twelve  |  Thirteen  |  Fourteen  |  Fifteen

Quite the list, am I right? Sure, it’s a bit all over the place… but you have to admit everything is super fun and girly [and pink]! I particularly love these pink Hunter boots, these supafab earrings (under $100), and this tote that I’ve had my eye on for basically forever (hey, a girl can dream… right?).

Oh and PS this skirt (under $50) is definitely an honorable mention. I mean those pom-poms!!!

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