My Favorite Bow-Toed Shoes for Spring

Oh hay there. I’ve been mad lazy lately when it comes to blogging because (a) my family (and Feebee – my dog!) were visiting me last week and (b) school has been super cray as of late. But, my fambam is gone and we’re in the home stretch (finals are next week) so I thought it about time I post this super fun roundup.

Especially since I’ve been working on it for a solid week and it’s probably the most “me” roundup I’ve ever posted.

Yep, we’ve got bows. All of the bow-toed shoes for spring your little heart could possibly desire.

My Favorite Bow-Toed Shoes for Spring

One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five  |  Six  |  Seven  |  Eight  |  Nine

So a few fun facts about my picks:

Numbers three and nine are actually plastic – so they’re waterproof, making them the perfect shoe to wear when its 95°F and thunderstorming this summer. Oh that only happens in Texas? Well, even if you don’t use them for their water resistant qualities, they’re also easy to clean and super comfy.

One is glittery. As all get-out. Need I say more?

I’m really enjoying fun printed shoes this season (did you see these from my shop page?). Number eight would be so fun with a little colorful sundress or shorts and number seven would be great with white jeans.

See some more of my favorite bow-toed shoes for spring below! (Most of them are under $100!)


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