What to Wear to Passover Seder + What to Cook!

What to Wear to Passover Seder

So Passover is next week. Le what? If you’re anything like my five closest friends from my MBA program, this is your first year going to a Passover dinner and you have no freaking clue what to wear. Or you’re like me and you’re a seasoned pro… but somehow still at a loss for what to wear.

Enter: me and my solution for what to wear to Passover Seder.

And, just because I love food (and I know y’all feel the same way), I’ve linked a few of my favorite Passover recipes – all of which I’ll be making for my Seder with my MBA friends next week.

J.Crew 9 lookout high-rise garment-dyed crop jean in aqua haze What to cook for your first Passover Seder

Kate Spade small square studs in clear
Clare V supreme flat clutch

J.Crew Charlie Mules in Colorblock Leather Pampered Pink J.Crew lightweight bow sweater in navy

What I’m Wearing:

Sweater: J.Crew / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: J.Crew
Purse: Clare V, c/o (similar, similar, similar) / Earrings: Kate Spade / Rings: BaubleBar

Passover is a lot like Thanksgiving. It’s just a ton of food. And wine. According to the rules of the Seder, each person present should be downing four glasses of wine by the end of the meal (aka a bottle of wine a person… or at least, that’s the way I do it). So basically, you want to wear something comfy, ideally a bit stretchy, and hopefully something in which it’d be difficult to create a fashion emergency.

Because you’ll be drinking.

And it’s hard to keep track of nip slips while drinking.

So when I asked myself what to wear to Passover Seder, that’s why I settled on this outfit. This navy bow sweater is so soft, stretchy, and just really damn cute (and it’s on sale!). And these pants are by far the most comfortable jeans I own. Super stretchy and soft and basically like a second skin. And for somebody who really hates wearing pants, that’s a glowing endorsement.

Now, let’s get back to why the stretch is necessary: the food.

Next week, I’ll be making a few of my all-time favorite dishes for my friends’ first Passover Seder. My favorite crock pot brisket recipe, this delicious charoset, an actually-really-freaking-good gefilte fish, and – of course – my all-time-fav: matzoh ball soup. That last one was a personal request from my friend Sarah (she had it once a few years ago and has been begging me to make it ever since we met). Obviously (because matzoh ball soup is the best), I am just all too happy to oblige.

I’ll also be making a few of my latest faves: my zested asparagus (recipe coming soon) and my balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts. And some cupcakes. Because why not? I’m ready to chow!

PS: crushin’ on my clutch? I don’t blame you! Unfortunately, it’s sold out BUT I found the same bag in white (still with the red and blue stripes!), a super-similar tan one with a pink stripe (so fun), and this gawwwwgeous leopard clutch that I have just-so happened to have my eye on for forever.

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