Colorful Clutches to Get You In the Summery Mood

LOFT Orange Straw Clutch with White and Gold Jack Roger Sandals

What a fun weekend. Seriously. I don’t think I can remember the last time I had such a great weekend, full of friends and relaxation and fun.

Such a fun weekend, in fact, that I fell asleep last night without writing today’s post. (Rookie mistake!)

Today’s post is all about colorful summer clutches. Because just sticking to 50 shades of beige all summer long is way too boring.

Oh and PS all of my picks are under $200 (and all but two are under $100!) so get excited.

Colorful Summer Clutches

One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five  |  Six  |  Seven  |  Eight  |  Nine

Back to my super fun weekend because there’s only so much one can say about colorful summer clutches:

Friday night, I celebrated the wedding of one of my dearest friends from business school (with this colorful clutch in tow!). I ended up wearing one of my favorite dresses – a red oldie-but-goodie (this one, this one, and this one all look almost identical to mine… and this one and this one are just as cute!). The wedding was held at the Nasher Sculpture Center and it was a blast.

Saturday…. I was feeling the lingering effects of Friday for most of Saturday. So just call Saturday a wash.

Sunday and Monday, however: Sunday and Monday I did so much.

After my morning workout on Sunday morning, my bestie Brad and I went for a leisurely brunch at Stirr… and proceeded to order everything on their brunch menu. Everything. We had their tuna poke tacos (the best thing on their menu!), gorgonzola and blue cheese waffle fries, southwestern eggs benedict, and migas. Oh, and a pitcher of mimosas… just for the two of us.

Following brunch, we needed to be horizontal. So we went back to my house to watch a movie and do snail face masks.

What are snail face masks, you say?

Snail goo… in face mask form. I got them as freebies when I stopped in at Nature Republic in Seoul. I was initially too chicken to buy any of the snail products, but, after trying the samples of the snail face masks and snail emulsion, I was hooked. My skin has never looked so good in my life.

Immediately upon my return to the USA, I purchased the full-size versions of the snail face masks, the snail emulsionand the snail eye cream. All three arrived last week and I cannot recommend them highly enough. And Brad agrees with me after Sunday. I believe his exact words were “oh my god, my face is glowing.” (what a glowing recommendation!)

Now to wrap this sh*t up: Monday. Monday started with a walk on the Katy Trail with one of my friends, from Victory Park to brunch at Public School and then to Knox Street to do some shopping at Lululemon and Trader Joe’s. I know: productive AF. I then hung out at the pool with some friends for an hour before going to Hiatus Spa with my oldest friend for a hot-stone massage belated birthday present (the best gift ever!). The night ended with dinner (aka queso) at Mesero andddddd me finally finishing reading American Gods… and now I can tick off another #30before30 to-do item!!

So cue that happy dance. I’ll be doing it till the weekend starts again on Friday!

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