The Comfiest Pale Blue Dress for Summer

Blue Summer Dress under $100

I was gonna write an entire blog post about this fabulous pale blue dress I scored recently (I actually wore it to my karaoke birthday party last month) but, instead, we need to talk about last night.

Y’all: it got weird.

After visiting GM’s Seoul operations yesterday morning, we spent the afternoon at the Korean spa. At which we received the most glorious yet painful massages we’ve ever received in our lives (I have the bruises/battle wounds today to prove it). After the spa, we quickly got ready for the evening, assuming our plan for karaoke was still on. It wasn’t. The plan was foiled and we somehow ended up at the world’s saddest jazz club.

Which we left pretty much immediately.

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What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Leith / Shoes: BP. / Purse: Sole Society / Earrings: Ann Taylor
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor / Rings: BaubleBar

Around the corner from the jazz club, several of our friends were meeting for dinner… so we joined them. A restaurant which had previously been empty was now full of over 25 of my friends. At one ginormous table. For some reason, eating pizza and pasta in the middle of Korea.

Post-dinner, we decided to give the jazz club one last shot. Because why not.

Again, we were the only ones in the club. But then the band packed up and left… and the owner put an iPod on… and we got an idea.

We commandeered the speakers and the microphone and turned the jazz club into our own private karaoke bar. And it was ridiculous. And hilarious. All at the same time.

And fun fact: I was actually wearing this pale blue dress for the karaoke festivities. So now I’m two for two on karaoke shenanigans in this dress. I hope it brings the rest of you such good fortune.

PS: for the record, this pale blue dress would be perfect for Memorial Day weekend festivities! AND it’s under $75! Cue dancing emoji.

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