My Favorite Summery Workout Clothes + Workout Tips

Blue Workout Outfit

This summer, I’m focusing on my health and fitness. I’ve been waking up at 6AM every day to workout before work. Eating at least relatively healthy. Drinking a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water per day.

To help further matters (also because I can’t be trusted around french fries), I’ve teamed up with my friend Kami of The Kalon Life. Kami’s been helping me with everything from meal planning to working out (she’s an amazing personal trainer here in Dallas!).

And since I’m now going through a lot more workout clothes per week, shopping has been on the mind as of late. So I thought I’d round up some of my favorite summery workout clothes… And team up with Kami to bring y’all some of her favorite summer workout tips for getting and staying healthy!

My Favorite Summery Workout Clothes

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And obviously no summery workout outfit is complete without colorful sneaks (I like this pair and this pair!).

One of my favorite summer workout clothing trends is the oversized graphic tank. They’re so comfortable and breathable… perfect for going for walks on Katy Trail or even throwing over a bikini on your way to the beach.

Speaking of, my personal trainer, Kami of The Kalon Life, sent over some of her favorite summer workout tips and healthy living tips as part of our summer-long fitness collaboration. All of her tips are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine and will help you look and feel your best all summer long!

Flavor Your Water:

We all know we are supposed to be drinking at least half our body weight in ounces per day. That can seem like a lot, but it is so much easier when you add some fruits and herbs to your water bottle! Summer is the perfect time to do this because there are so many delicious things in season. Try a mix of grapefruit and mint, or orange and cucumber, or even strawberry and lime! These combinations are natural and will make drinking all that water way more enjoyable!

Cutting Down on Bloat:

Summer is the season for showing some tummy. If you are feeling a little bloated, I recommend cutting down on the dairy and refined carbs the week leading up to your event or vacation. Adding in foods like asparagus and drinking lemon water with apple cider vinegar are also some easy ways to help you feel your best and tightest.

Workout on the Go:

It can be hard to justify getting in a workout when you are traveling, but even 15 min each day can make a difference AND will make you feel so much better! If you are on the beach, go for a morning walk with your tea or coffee. Stuck in a hotel room? Do a few body weight movements along with some cardio bursts and you’ll be sure to work up a sweat in no time. Try squat jumps, walking lunges, push-ups, step-ups on to the bed, tricep dips off the chair, and maybe some burpees if you’re brave!

Drinking Smart:

Who doesn’t love a cocktail by the pool? But those drinks can add up in calories and sugar… which won’t make you look or feel your best. I recommend always drinking a big glass of water in between each beverage. My other favorite tip? Make wine spritzers to cut the calories in half or mixing your drinks with things like flavored sparkling water. AKA keep feeling summery without all the extra calories!

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