How to Make Friends in a New City as an Adult

How to Make Friends in a New City as an Adult

A) sorry for the way delayed post. Technical difficulties + sleeping = no post.

B) Today and tomorrow (as well as a bunch of the posts in the coming weeks!) are focused on my most frequently received questions from readers… both about life as well as about my blog.

See [every guy I’ve ever dated]? I do listen!

And now for today’s post: I moved to Dallas in the summer of 2013. At the time, I knew a small handful of people in Dallas; I had a few friends from high school and my years at sleep-away camp who lived here. AKA I found myself aged 23 and needing to figure out how to make friends in a new city as an adult.

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So how did I go from sans-friends to has-friends?

Say Yes to Everything

Well, first off, I literally never said no. Even if whatever I was agreeing to do did not sound like my cup of tea at all (i.e. clubbing), I still agreed to do it.

Because you never know where the night will take you, or who you’ll meet.

Kiss a Lot of Frogs (Hopefully not Literally)

Second (and this often occurred after the first), I put myself out there. Anytime I met somebody who I thought nice or interesting or remotely entertaining, I immediately asked him/her to coffee/drinks/lunch/anything.

Y’all: it was like dating.

I met most of my now-best friends (the ones whom I didn’t know before I moved to Dallas) through work or school. And each and every one of them became my friend after I asked him/her to do something together, away from the office/school. Despite the fact that I left my old job in the summer of 2016, I’m still close with everybody I became friends with at that company.

But not all of my friends are work/school/growing up friends. In fact, I met a few of my very best friends seemingly completely randomly.

Join Groups or Clubs in Which You Can Find Your Tribe

Last but not least, my biggest tip: if you’re new to a city, I highly recommend joining both a young professional women’s organization and an interest-based group.

Shortly after moving to Dallas, I joined Circle Seven Five and started my blog.

Because of my blog, I’ve been invited to a lot of influencer events in Dallas over the past few years. And over time, I’ve become close friends with a bunch of the other girls in attendance over the past four years (like Christina, Anna, and Cameron).

Additionally, through Circle Seven Five, I got to meet both bloggers and non-bloggers in Dallas (Christina and I actually initially met at a CSF event… and Tayler and I became close friends through CSF too!). By being in both of these groups simultaneously, I was able to connect with people I likely otherwise never would’ve met.

For instance, about a year and a half ago, I threw a Game of Thrones premiere watch party with Circle Seven Five at my house. After hours of sitting and chatting about the best show on TV with two of the girls in attendance (one of whom was Tayler!), we decided to make watching the show together a weekly occurrence. To this day, one of those girls and I credit our close friendship to Game of Thrones.

Totally normal.

I say all of this knowing full well that not all of you live in Dallas… or blog… or watch Game of Thrones (but you really should start!). No matter where you’ve landed or what you’re interested in, there are options to help you make friends in a new city. There’s Junior League. There are tons of intramural sports teams (I did boozy kickball a few times when I lived in Austin and it was such fun). You can join a faith-based organization. You can volunteer. Or you can even join your alma mater’s young alumni group. There are seriously infinite options!

Or, if all of that fails and you’re new to Dallas, give me a shout! I’ll be your friend! :)

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