Roasted Lemon Asparagus Recipe

Easy Summer Side Dish

I have been a lazy sh*t lately.

Really just when it comes to cooking, but still.

It has been months since I tried my hand at a new dish (seriously this was the last dish I made)… so I’m pretty proud of myself for pulling it together for a night and making this delicious roasted lemon asparagus recipe. It takes next to no time to make and its the perfect dish to serve all summer long!

Growing up, we never really ate asparagus (my mother preferred to torture us with brussels sprouts). As a result, it’s only been quite recently that I’ve gotten into the vegetable. And by “gotten into” I mean “figured out dozens of different ways to prepare it because I ate it every night for two weeks”.

You know, the usual.

But really though: this roasted lemon asparagus recipe was by far my favorite of all of my asparagus creations. I even made this dish for a recent dinner party – every single one of my friends asked me for the recipe (and were all shocked when I told them it only takes 5 minutes of prep work!).

It’s kind of the perfect easy summer side dish for a busy weeknight… or even for a big dinner party. Keep reading for the full recipe.

Roasted Lemon Asparagus Recipe

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